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Music is not what I do, it’s who I am – Anonymous

When we hear that life is incomplete without music, do we pause for a moment and think of the reason behind the saying? We have all personally experienced the effects that music has on our minds – it soothes, inspires, motivates, de-stresses, de-agonizes, and fills our heart with love and happiness. All this, just by listening to music!

If listening to music can work such wonders, imagine what miracles can happen if we associate ourselves directly with music and practice it religiously. When I say music, I speak of both of instrumental and vocal. I have lived my life in the midst of music, right from my mother’s womb to the moment I opened my eyes. And I can say confidently that music can transform lives. I have witnessed some of the most important and miraculous aspects of practicing music in life, through the eyes of my gurus, my own & that of my students.

Here I share with you some of my experiences with the magic that is music:

  1. Learning Never Stops – Every person associated with music prefers to call herself/himself a seeker. music instruments music positive influenceHe/she always remains a student, keeps learning and keeps improving. A person practicing music remains eager for more and is open to experimenting with the music. A seeker knows that there is always scope for learning and improvement.
  2. Perseverance is the Key – It is said that no meaningful success can be achieved without perseverance. No one knows this more than a student of melody. It takes hundreds of hours to perfect a single musical note. Anyone associated with music knows that one cannot be a master overnight. It takes years of practice and more often than not, a lifetime. So whoever associates with music, is bound to learn perseverance.
  3. Realizing True Happiness – When you practice music (do riyaz) alone, the feeling is heavenly. It cannot be expressed in words. There is no one to applaud you or reward your effort. When you immerse yourself in music, it makes you feel complete. No material achievement can ever come close to that feeling of completeness.
  4. Music Builds Qualities – Disciples of music (and to a certain extent the listeners) are generally level-headed, peaceful and have a cool temperament. Close association with music in life makes the learners happy, polite, complete and content.
  5. Discipline is Necessary – Music is a goldmine of all good qualities that a person can aspire for and discipline forms the backbone of any music practice. In music parlance, discipline means regular practice (riyaz), staying away from distractions, respecting the guru-shishya (teacher-student) relationship, politeness and restraint. Those who are lazy, moody or lack the will to break through the ceiling, will give up in the beginning itself. Those who stay defiant and stand their ground, will develop all the qualities associated with discipline.
  6. Practice is Akin to Meditation – Music brings you closer with your present and your true “self”. Whether you sing, play or listen to music, the impact is similar to meditating. Scientific experiments prove that, just like meditation, music lowers stress and agony, stabilizes your wandering self and makes you feel refreshed.

Music teaches harmony – Music takes you to different places, as you perform within and outside the geographical boundaries of your neighborhood, state or country. In a musical presentation, you do not perform alone. There are co-artists and accompanists. It is not always possible to take along your entourage to these performances. You have to harmonize with people you have never before met or worked with. Every artist is different. But being different does not mean they are not right. And that’s how people are in real life. Understanding that others can be different and right at the same time is the key to a peaceful and harmonious world. So why should you restrict yourself to just listening to music, when music is a treasure trove of so many good qualities? Why should you stop yourself at just being an admirer of good music? Strengthen your relationship with music, an art which took roots much before our birth. Start learning music, be it singing or playing an instrument and strive to make your lives melodious.

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